Hair Metal.  That's all there is to it.

"The greatest band in the world is about to get even greater." - Dirk Pint, Hollywood Times 
"Charlemagne returns!" - Sergey Vlasic, Seven Pound Metal 
"I can't wait for them to release the same record they did 4 years ago!" - Dindy Baker, Metal Times Online 
"I'll say it again, I love SEKS!" - Dmitri Olyev, International Music Review, European Edition  
"Kinda like Spinal Tap" - Hirsch Robinson, HRPRAR Reviews
"SEKS is a metal band heavily influenced by the great bands of the '80s, in music, image, and showmanship. SEKS is truly entertaining. Damn they are badass." - Ray Mendoza - Music and the Soul 
"SEKS comes from a place we all know and love. A new band, with the look and feel of the the great bands of the 80s? Yes, that is SEKS. They refer to themselves as the "Charlemagne" of bands, inferring that they will take over rock n' roll, and I fully believe they will." - Jimmy DeMarco - All In The Name of Metal 
"Where did these guys come from? This is like the beginning of the 80s all over again, and the good stuff too! Big hair, big drums, big chorus, that's all you need. A young band doing some real justice to the veterans out there. I love SEKS!" - Dmitri Olyev - International Music Review, European Edition 
"SEKS is serious about the music, but they also know how to have a good time and not take themselves too seriously. That's why the 80s greats were great!" - Darren Olyphant, Metal Times Online 


  • Rock Hardt (sometimes spelled Hart): Vocals
  • Savage Thrilla: Drums
  • Charles McMillin:  Guitar
  • Tad:  Bass
  • Gash A Lean:  Guitar